The Oly Rollers

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If you haven't yet heard, it sounds like the Holy Effing Trinity of Atomatrix, Joy Collision and Hockey Honey are on the "move" again - to the douchiest team in all of roller derby, the Oly Rollers!

That's right, folks! After spending all season playing with AZRD (and, like their new Oly teammates Psycho Babble, Ecko and DeRanged, currently living nowhere near driving distance of Olympia, Washington), these three have jumped ship and will be placed on the Oly charter just in time to skate at WFTDA Western Regionals! That means almost half of Oly's starting line now consists of skaters who don't attend weekly practices with their team.

Not to worry, though - even though they've totally SOLD OUT, we're sure these multi-talented league hoppers would love to come skate for your WFTDA* league too, as long as the price is right. So go ahead, make them an offer they can't refuse! For Sale, to the Highest Bidder - The Oly Rollers!

*Because while the level of douchiness from the Oly camp never ceases to amaze us, they are operating entirely within the limits of what the WFTDA deems acceptable.

-Product photography by Axle Adams-

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